Just FoR Today: Dog pad and paw safety and care

Just FoR Today. Welcome to a new series we will be running here on Fidose of Reality. If you can do just one thing just FoR today (FoR as in “Fidose of Reality”) to change your dog’s life, how paw-tastic would that be? We’ll be scouring the world of dog news and sharing with Fidose of Reality readers tips to enhance your dog’s life and things to ensure they aren’t a victim … [Read more...]

4 Health Facts Your Dog Wishes You Knew

Ah, the things we learn from our vets. Our dogs at vets. Our dogs at vets because you enter the vet office for one reason and then exit armed with an arsenal of “how did I not know that’s.” Cases in point: FACT: Ticks disguise themselves as lumps on a dog. I know. I saw a lump on Dexter’s head and panicked. “Cancer, a mast cell tumor, oh not, not again.” One very … [Read more...]

Fido’s First Fall Hike: Back to the Woods

The last week of October is finally here and at long last the cooler snap I was waiting for.”It’s time to go hiking, Tanner! Let’s get ready quickly and get going.” Fido's first fall hike began~ With our gear ready and our peppermint and cedar oil spray applied for flea and tick protection, we had just one concern—our tummies. I grabbed a bag of trail mix form my snack shelf … [Read more...]

Household Item Danger to Dogs

All dogs are diamonds in the rough: They enter our lives and immediately begin adding a sparkle and glisten where once there was not. Then there are moments when the diamonds make things, well, rough. However,  there is a household item many of us have that poses a danger to dogs. Just ask Jane Lyons, whose dog survived what could have been a nearly fatal household … [Read more...]

Four products to keep fleas and ticks off dogs

Ten minutes until the store is closing. Shoppers, please bring all purchases to the front registers for checkout,” the PA system beckoned recently at my local pet supply store. Rewind 15 years and last call had a completely different connotation. Now, I’m being thwarted out of the toys and leashes aisle at 8:50 p.m. but happier than I’ve ever been, too. As part of the … [Read more...]