How to Help Animals Affected by Oklahoma Tornadoes

The devastation of the tornado damage in Oklahoma is too much for many of us to bear. Imagine the countless numbers of lives - both human and animal - that are affected. I know first hand the loss because a dear friend of mine is in the area. The tornado touched down 1/2 mile from where she lives near Moore, Oklahoma. She was spared, but sadly so many were not. As a volunteer … [Read more...]

Exclusive Footage of Dog with Sony Action Cam

Ever wonder what your dog sees or does when you aren’t around? These things keep me awake at night, and the folks at Sony must be having the same dreams. While at the BlogPaws Social Media and Pet Bloggers Conference recently, Dexter and I stumbled on the Sony Dog Harness with wearable point-of-view camera—the Action Cam. Take one part cocker and one part Action Cam and we … [Read more...]

Free Pet Adoptions: Let a Dog Change Your Life

My neighbor's dog has had a profound impact on the lives of my previous Cocker Spaniel and the one who currently shares my life. Can a dog really change your life? (I've been asked that a time or two). Pet adoptions can have far reaching impact. Zola is a rescue dog, who came with the name Zyla Cocoa. Apparently she was a drug bust dog: The people who kept her were doing … [Read more...]

The Best Kept Secret in (Healthy) Dog Treats

Safe, healthy dog treats are a rare breed these days it seems. In many years of working in the pet industry, many dog treats have crossed my desk: Here, try this and your dog will love them. These are the tempting lines that come along with dog treats when companies want me Dexter to try them. About 4 years ago, a canister caught my eye and the ingredients within stopped me … [Read more...]

Celebrity Dog Lovers Dish The Dirt

Being a dog writer and blogger, I have had the pleasure of interviewing many people over the years: From top notch celebrities to everyday heroes who foster dogs. There are indeed celebrity dog lovers out there. Looking forward, I am heading out with my dog in tow to one of the biggest, best social media conferences for pet bloggers in the world (and the original one). I am … [Read more...]

How a Stifle Brace Saved My Dog from ACL Surgery

My dog has a partial tear of his ACL/CCL (ligament) in the left rear leg. I've been blogging about this for a number of weeks, and he's had an issue for about 6 weeks. We've tried rest, homeopathic meds, cold laser therapy, and now we are onto the custom orthotic better known as the knee brace. I don't want my dog to have ACL surgery if at all possible. To recap, our we went … [Read more...]

Wigglebutt Wedding Breaking News Announcements

The Wigglebutt Wedding is making headlines again. For those of you not following our year-in-the-making event, on June 28, 2013, Dexter James Bryant and Zoe Elizabeth Sorensen will tie the canine knot in a black tie/princess style wedding in the name of fun fundraising. Since Zoe was rescued by Life's Little Paws on the day she was scheduled to be euthanized, we have selected … [Read more...]

Seven Products to Surprise Dog Moms

Mother's Day is here and dog moms can rejoice: Fidose of Reality celebrates with you. Wondering what to get the dog mom in your life? Or perhaps you want to treat your dog to something new and exciting to hit the marketplace. Well, we've got you covered with seven products to surprise dog moms. I was recently on television for a segment of Pet Talk with the fab Lauren … [Read more...]

Why Dog Moms Should Celebrate on Mothers Day

buy cigarettes online I am a dog mom. I like love it when folks call me a dog mom and I never grimace, furrow a brow, or correct them. In fact, a sense of pride swells over me. I am not alone.  Dog moms should celebrate on Mother's Day (and always). I buy cotton swabs, I use baby wipes on my dog after a muddied walk or rainy day, and I could probably circumnavigate the … [Read more...]

What Does Ellen Degeneres Have in Common with Wigglebutt Wedding?

What do Ellen DeGeneres and the Wigglebutt Wedding have in common? They will both, in some way, be a part of my dog’s life this June 28th in Stratford, Connecticut. Say what? Halo Pets, the company of which Ellen DeGeneres is part owner, is the official dog food and treat sponsor of the Wigglebutt Wedding. All dogs in attendance will dine on treats and food from Halo Pets at … [Read more...]